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Is your Company having difficulties in finding knowledgeable and skilled Fibre Networks operatives? You can’t find suitable foundation level training on Telecom Networks, and in particular Fibre Networks?

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Fibre Optic Networks (FON) Courses

FON 00 - Introduction to Fibre Networks

The course is aimed at giving those clients new to telecoms/fibre an overview of telecoms and Fibre Broadband.

FON 01 - Understanding Fibre Networks (Basic)

People new to working on Fibre Networks and people who only need a basic understanding of Fibre Network technologies and principles.

FON 02 - Understanding Fibre Networks (Advanced)

The course is a Modular design and will give clients an understanding of Next Generation Fibre Networks and the fundamental optical principles behind IP and Ethernet networks.

NVQ Lev 2 & 3 Diplomas

NVQ Level 2

This is a new Level 2 National Qualification Diploma developed by our ITC in-house specialist Design Team and partner company Premium Construction Consultancy (PCC), in association with GQA Qualifications, to meet the needs of Industry and people working in Fibre Networks Infrastructure build activities.

NVQ Level 3

This qualification is aimed at individuals with responsibility for supervising work activities in the Construction working environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to deliver our courses at your place of business, remotely via video conferencing software or at an agreed venue. We are very much flexible in where we deliver our course depending on your individual needs and requirements. Please contact us with any queries regarding this.

The cost of a course can vary depending on the clients requirements. Please contact us with any queries regarding the price of courses.