Insight Teleconsult Fibre Training Courses

Business Improvement

Our Business Improvement services are designed to help organisations improve their processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. We work closely with our clients to identify areas of improvement and develop customised solutions to address their specific needs.

Reduce Inefficiences

Our ‘real-world’ experience has shown that, frequently, ‘just get it done’ solutions are implemented to get projects off the ground and to meet initial targets and SLAs. This leads to inefficiencies, additional costs, re-works, quality issues, a less than optimal customer experience and increased pressure on all levels of the organisation, especially on bottom-line and delivery against targets! It is easy for temporary fixes to become Business As Usual and inefficiencies to become ingrained in the operational culture.

Continuous Improvement

Based on Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement and other BI methodologies, Insight will carry out end-end process reviews including, crucially, ‘walk-the-walk’ reviews and analysis- out with operatives, walking the customer journey, mapping and analysing processes, deep-diving results and KPIs.

More importantly, will identify issues and pinch-points and, essentially, provide solutions to reduce costs, improve quality, maximise the customer experience and, ideally, reduce stress!