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InsightTeleConsult (ITC) – our team of experienced professionals have extensive experience in a broad spectrum of telecom specialisms including Process Audits, Business Improvement and delivery of complex Fibre Build programmes.

Trusted by the Worlds Leading teleCommunications Companies

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ITC has extensive experience leading complex FTTx programmes, Broadband Delivery Programme (BDUK), the Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) to rural communities and the G8 conference in Northern Ireland.

Telecom Consultancy

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive advice and support for Telecom Network projects.

Fibre Training

At InsightTeleConsult we provide everything from foundation level training on Telecom Networks up to NVQ Level 3.

About us

A team of highly experienced telecom professionals working with Network Infrastructure companies throughout the UK.

Individually, our team have been providing consultancy, training, and project management and delivery for many years.